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Use Europa's Slipstop Layer Sheets as a solution to your pallet load stability problems

By placing an Anti-Slip Layer pad between each layer, your goods will arrive at your customer's destination in one piece.

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3 reasons to use our SlipStop Layer Pads:

1 Optimise your packaging costs

2 Reduce product damage and accidents

3 Increase the stability of your pallets

The results: less product damage and rejected pallets with loads being displaced in transit.

At the moment you may be using a much less effective corrugated pad product, or worse, nothing at all. Our sheets are a light-weight solution which offers minimum Static Coefficient of Friction (Sliding Angle) of 42 degrees. This enables you to achieve an improved pallet load during transportation, helping to reduce loss incurred in damages and breakages.

Size-wise our sheets are cut to 950mm x 1150mm or 750mm x 1150mm which allows them to sit inside the load of the pallet, and with 5,000 sheets per pallet they give you savings on storage space of nearly 12 pallets compared to the conventional corrugated sheet.


Key benefits

  • Reduction and optimisation of logistics and packaging costs, and notably the reduced use of shrink film.
  • Reduction of product damage during shipping and internal handling operations.
  • Reduction of storage space, 5,000 sheets SlipStop per pallet against 400 sheets per pallet of corrugated sheets.
  • Decrease in work-related accidents on packaging lines, in the storage warehouses, and during loading or unloading operations.
  • Optimisation of pallet patterns.
  • Optimisation of transport or warehouse surface areas.
  • Reduction of secondary or tertiary packaging.
  • Possibility of doing away with secondary packaging for simplified de-palletizing.
  • Impeccable presentation to the final customer of pallets of finished products ready to be placed on supermarket shelves.
  • 100% recyclable and 100% re-usable.
  • A water-repellent product with naturally hydrophobic properties.

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